Classical Tenor Sackbut in Bb

garland with classical ornaments

garland with classical ornaments
sterling silver (925)

Classical tenor-sackbut  in Bb , A 443,
out of very thin (0,28 mm) yellow brass,
hand hammered bell,
all tubes are out of flat yellow brass  and rolled.
We don't use any industrial brass tubings.
flat bell stay with rich classical ornaments,
round slide stay
inner slides out of nickel silver with boots chrome plated or also upon request out of yellow brass without chrome plating,
with or without water key,
bell rim at the 3rd sldie position
(like modern trombones),
or upon request at th 4th slide position (historical correct)

Classical tenor-sackbut bell section,  in Bb , A443,
bell at 3rd slide position,
upon request also available at 4th position  
case (available as single case or as differnt double cases)
tuning slide A 415
tuning slide A 430
Sterling-Silver (925) set (garland,stays,ferrule) agio
Sterling-Silver (925) garland

special-water key

mouthpiece for tenor trombone, silver plated

classical tenor sackbut

clasclassical alto sackbut corpus and classical tenor sackbut corpus

classical alto sackbut corpus and
classical tenor sackbut corpus

double case tenor and alto sackbut

double case for tenor- and alto sackbut
(double case for renaissance/barock- and classical tenor-sackbut   also available)

corpus stay

corpus stay



corpus stay  out of sterling silver (925)

corpus stay  out of sterling silver (925)

tuning slide classical tenor sackbut

tuning slide classical tenor sackbut