Baroque and renaissance trumpets


Baroque trumpet long model

Baroque trumpet long model  

Baroque trumpet long model in D featuring attachable crooks.

This trumpet ia a replica of a 17th century instrument by Wolf Magnus Ehe I.

Our instrument features, moreover, a tuning slide at the mouth-tube and a transposing hole permitting pure intonation of the 11th and 13th natural notes (f" and a").





The trumpet features baroque decorations and an extra-thin handhammered bell.

Tuning slides available in C, Des and Ces



The baroque trumpet with silver-plating set features silver-plating wreath, knop and ferrule.


Renaissance trumpet


The treatment of the renaissance trumpet is similar to the baroque trumpet,

but renaissance style bell.


Baroque trumpet short model


baroque trumpet short model


The baroque trumpet short model developed by us, with its interchangeable three-hole tuning crook (transposing hole for f" and a", 2 overblowing holes permitting high-position notes to be hit more precisely) is one of our most popular model.

Its handhammered bell bearing baroque decorations is characterized by original scaling    to Wolf Magnus Ehe I.



Tuning slides available in E, D, Des, C, Ces, B   and A.


The baroque trumpet silver-plating set features silver-plating wreath, knop and ferrule.



Extras for all instruments


Angel heads on edge bell

angel heads   angel heads    



Sterling silver and silver plating upon request

baroque trumpet sterling silver



Special version upon request