Alto-Sackbut in Eb


Prices inclusive 19% value added german tax Prices without value added tax

Garland out of Sterling Silver (925) with renaissance/baroque Ornaments

garland out of sterling silver (925)with renaissance/baroque ornaments
(Garland out of brass see tenor-sackbut)

Alto-Sackbut in Eb, A 440, out of very thin (0,28 mm) yellow brass, hand hammered bell,
all tubes are out of flat yellow brass  and rolled.
We don't use any industrial brass tubings.
flat bell stay with rich renaissance/baroque ornaments
round slide stay also with ornaments
inner slides out of nickel silver with boots chrome plated or also upon request out of yellow brass without chrome plating, with or without water key,
bell rim at the 3rd sldie position (like modern trombones),
or upon request at th 4th slide position (historical correct)
4.200,00 Euro 3.529,41 Euro
case 305,00 Euro 256,30 Euro
tuning slide A 415 330,00 Euro 277,31 Euro
tuning slide A 430 330,00 Euro 277,31 Euro
Lacquer 205,00 Euro 172,27 Euro
with Sterling-Silver (925) set (garland,stays,ferrule) agio   1215,00 Euro 1021,01 Euro
Sterling-Silver (925) garland 175,00 Euro 147,06 Euro
mouthpiece for alto sackbut silver plated 165,00 Euro 138,66 Euro

stay out of sterling silver (925)

stay out of sterling silver (925)
(stay out of brass see tenor-sackbut)

Renaissance/Baroque alto sackbut in Eb

tuning slide A 440 sterling silver set (925)

tuning slide A 440 sterling silver set (925)
water key

water key

You will find pictures of the brass instruments and of the case on the page of the tenor sackbut.